Employee Life

Keep company communications fast, fun and in the flow of work.

Keep the workforce culture true to your brand by bridging the gap between leaders and teams.

  1. Make recognition go viral

    Make positive reinforcement the norm by pushing out videos and messages anytime, anywhere - about anything!

  2. Keep leaders closer to their teams

    Stay transparent and keep the team up to date on accomplishments and critical strategy by pushing personalized videos and texts instantly.

  3. Elevate HR service delivery to genius level

    Make it easier than ever for employees to find answers, navigate policies, and request help from HR.

  4. Make employee records more social

    Make updating an employee record as easy as refreshing a social media profile.

  5. Report issues without issue

    Simplify how employees can alert the organization to issues around the office. It can be as easy as point, click, send.

  6. Think outside the suggestion box

    Empower employees to offer creative suggestions that help the whole team improve.

  7. Rally teams with more opportunity to connect

    Make it easy for hybrid teams to stay connected and chat about anything.

44% millennials would be more likely to increase their work engagement if managers met with them regularly

70% of employees say they wouldn’t work for a company without a strong purpose

80% employees who would prefer flexible work options if there were no adverse consequences