Deliver a world class welcome and a first day experience that’s inclusive, informative, and fun.

From personalized messages to visual team directories, make their first moments at work a time that builds community and inspires confidence that they’ve found the perfect place to fit in.

  1. Help navigate

    Deliver easy access with a simple, guided tour of the documents employees need to fill out.

  2. Celebrate a new role

    Congratulate new hires and deliver a personalized welcome message from leadership.

  3. Give a team welcome

    Deliver a warm welcome from the team before day one.

  4. Put faces with names

    Give new employees access to a beautiful company directory that helps them get to know new faces and find people with similar interests and skills.

  5. Educate new hires

    Help new employees learn about the office location, remote tools, and local resources.

  6. Say hello

    Invite new employees to introduce themselves by recording a video they can share with their team.

54 The average number of tasks that a new hire has to complete

7 Number of days that average onboarding programs last

58% Organizations that admit their onboarding is focused on process and paperwork