Keep hybrid work spaces healthy, happy and organized

From reserving space to keeping up with changing health policies, make the in's and out's of hybrid workspaces easier for everyone.

  1. Reserve a hot desk

    Make reserving a desk as easy as making a dinner reservation.

  2. Book a conference room

    Empower teams to collaborate face to face whenever and wherever they need to with scheduled room booking.

  3. Issue mobile keys

    Simplify office keys and issue temporary guest keys by housing them on the one device no one ever forgets at home.

  4. Simplify vaccine passports

    Keep up with changing health policies by putting necessary IDs in a mobile wallet.

63% of high-revenue growth companies embrace hybrid work models

74% Gen Z respondents that prefer interacting with colleagues face-to-face

68% American workers that say the ability to work remotely and on-site is the perfect work model