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Curate the right experience with dynamic design that adjusts in real time.

Whether you are attracting candidates, onboarding a new employee, or boosting team morale, Cava designs your app to present the right experience at the right time. User profiles drive the flow of content and unlock the depth of features that are appropriate at every stage of the relationship.

Engage Your Team, Build Community, Reinforce Your Culture

Push Notifications

Keep communications quick, personal, and relevant to the moment.

Push notifications can be sent from leadership, managers and teams. Simply design the group, craft the message and hit send.

Rich Media

Tell your stories and keep experiences more authentic.

People love to see what it’s really like behind the curtain. Deliver authentic stories straight from your employees.

Info Hub

Centralize all things ‘need to know’.

Keep the freshest info where it belongs - one click away.

Employee Photo Directory

Keep work social.

Give back control of employee profiles and let employees update them as easily as they do on LinkedIn.

Event Calendar

Easy access drives awareness and boosts participation.

Put the company calendar where employees can see it, and help them RSVP for important events in just a few clicks.

Corporate Documents

Make it easy to find and interact with documents.

Make accessing, signing and returning documents simple, digital and fast.

Employee ID Card

Because NO ONE forgets their phone.

Seriously - they don’t.

Mobile Keys

Easily turn on access to the office.

Forget key cards, let permissions based access and built in location data keep the office safe and secure.

Book Space

Make hybrid office days easier to manage.

Allow employees to book desks and conference rooms on the days they are in.

Food & Beverage

Starbucks level simplicity.

Delight employees with the ability to order coffee or lunch on the way in to work, so it’s ready when they get there.

Submit a Photo

Because a picture saves a thousand words.

Make it simple for employees to snap pics when they spot office areas that need fixing or to commemorate a great offsite, convention or team building event.

Order Swag

Accessible accessories.

Make it easy for employees to show their pride, by putting your brand store in the palm of their hands.

Employee Chat

Keep employees on the same page.

Keep employees connected in a dedicated chat around a project or team building event.


Highlight a job well done.

Make sure shoutouts that deserve to get noticed, get the same open rates as a text.

Welcome a Guest

Show off company pride.

Make it easy for employees to invite friends with a custom app that delivers a curated guest experience.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."